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Dark Revels

A Death Eater Community

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+ Concerning Death Eaters +

To over-power the Ministry of Magic, to scare the Wizarding World into submission to the Dark Lord, to kill muggles and mudbloods alike, to kill any who stand in the way of the our Lord's rise to power, to kill or deliver Harry Potter to our Lord so that he may kill him, to thwart the Order of the Phoenix, to establish a government under the Death Eater's name, and to serve our Dark Lord Voldemort in any way we can.

Every Death Eater will apparate immediately to wherever the Dark Lord is upon summoning. Anyone who does not do so without a proper excuse or permission from the Dark Lord will be punished.

When summoned, Death Eaters will be in proper uniform, and bow in respect of our Lord. Masks must be kept on at all times. Death Eaters are not to question the other followers. This includes their whereabouts, who they are, or anything else of the sort without the permission of the Dark Lord. Secrecy is key.

+ Concerning the Community +

This community is for those who are fascinated with an elite group of followers to the powerful Lord Voldemort. They are called "Death Eaters". Whether you're a hardcore, evil genius, or an ordinary wizard/witch who has a streak of darkness in them, feel free to fill out the application. (Yes, there is an application. Do you think the Dark Lord would accept any he knew to be unfaithful?) Accepted members can talk about things from their hate for the Boy-Who-Would-Not-Die to sprouting endless encomium about the Dark Lord. This is not an RPG community!

Rules: Read carefully. Breaking these could land you with an Unforgivable.

1. Members are required to post their applications within the span of two days upon joining. Other member may vote (and are encouraged to do so) on you, however, whether you are accepted or rejected is completely up to me (xstuck_in_dragx). You will be stamped within 48 hours of posting your application, so do not pester me about such things. If you are rejected, you may re-apply, but we might not be as trusting.
2. Applications must be behind an lj-cut
3. Only accepted members can make posts other than applications
4. All other posts must be Harry Potter related
5. There will be absolutely NO advertising of other communities without my permission via e-mail. Use the address on this community's info page!
6. Long posts, large pictures, and post containing more that three icons must also be behind an lj-cut
7. Members are required to participate in the monthly contests!

This month's contest can be found here.

Eventually, there will be a chart of how many Death Eater points each member has earned which will determine their rank in the Dark Lord's army. If you are interested in making some signatures for the members based on their rank, e-mail me.

Application: Make the answers worth reading. You don't want me to forever think you are an imbecile, do you? Put "Unforgivable - Unworthy" as the subject so I know you read the rules. Make sure to bolden the questions and to use semi-decent grammar and spelling.


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