Christi (sevs_girl72) wrote in sectum__sempra,

I Want The Mark!!

Unforgivable - Unworthy
Name: Christi
Gender: Female
Opinion on muggles and mudbloods: Muggles are not worth the earth they stand on, and should be exterminated like the paracites they are. Mudbloods are not worthy of the name wizard/witch and should either be kept as slaves or be killed...Either way they shall die, and I shall be the one to kill them.
Opinion on squibs: They shall also die!
Favorite curse/hex/spell (explain why): Cruciatus because I like having the power of letting a person keep his mind or not, for what is a person if he doesn't have a mind. I also quite enjoy Sectumsempra...because it is messy...I love the smell of blood in the morning!
Reasons for becoming a Death Eater: Because I am a Great Villainous Megalomanical Vile Evil Fiendish Genius Hypocritical Dark Person...and I like the masks and tattoo!
Favorite Death Eater: Severus Snape(Especially when he kill that Muggle-Loving Fool) and Lucius Malfoy for his unwavering Loyalty to our Lord)
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