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February's Contest

Our Lord is most displeased with the out come of last month's contest. Crucio! However, constance_ is free to promote any community that she wishes. The Dark Lord is pleased with this servant, and has moved them up a position in the Death Eater ranks (in fact, she's just outside his inner circle).

I have suggested that we try something a bit more simple since your brains couldn't fully function in order to come up with a scheme.

This month's contest is to make picture that has some sort of meaning for Death Eaters. Almost like a political cartoon DE style.


1: You must use a picture still from one of the Harry Potter movies.

2: You must put a "catch phrase" somewhere on the picture, or above or below the picture when you post it in this community.

3: The picture used can either be ones of Death Eaters and/or the Dark Lord, or of the 'Golden Trio'. If your picture is of the latter then your catch phrase must either be from a DE's point of view, or they Trio's thoughts/words of the Death Eaters and our Lord.

4: The picture can be no bigger than 487x483 pixels, and no smaller than 230x160 ... unless you are making an icon, in which case it can only be 100x100 pixels.

5: It can be as plain or elaborate as you wish, however, adding a little spice to it will help you rack up the DE points with the Dark Lord.

6: There will be no more than two pictures per person.

7: All pictures must be under an LJ cut.


1: All pictures are due between 12:00 AM February 26th and 11:59 February 27th.

2: Have the subject to the submission entry say "Redemption", and the cut read "Just like a house elf".


The reward will be the same as it was last month. Some time this month I'm going to write up a list to keep track of all your DE points earned. Eventually, you'll should all receive signature tags based on your rank in the Death Eaters.
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