I support Deadric Ciggory (l_amiral) wrote in sectum__sempra,
I support Deadric Ciggory

Unforgivable - Unworthy

Name: Ramila
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Opinion on muggles and mudbloods: Muggles are actually not worth our attention and should be avoided if possible. If you encounter them, however, feel free to try out any amusing wicked spells you've learned recently. If you get caught, quickly use any other spell so that the truth can't be revealed with Prior Incantatem. These are just the general guidelines. Mudbloods are much more dangerous and at the same time more disgusting than muggles. Muggles can be ignored, but you can't ingnore a strange person who knows nothing about the wizarding community and wants to infest it with something from their own shallow world. Their magical powers, as strong as they might be, are not as easy to be controlled, because this sort of people thinks magic is something supernatural and therefore has no idea how to actually handle it.

Opinion on squibs: The existence of squibs is a sad fact, because they are usually born in decent pureblood families and thus spoil their reputation. If they grow up in the wizarding world, they become bitter and angry, hating both the world and themselves. This hate unfortunately can't be used at all, because of their lack of power. If a squib is born, it's better to send him to live in the muggle world, a place where they belong and where they won't feel inferior. If they choose to stay with us, they must bear the consequences. In my opinion a squib is even more pathetic than a muggle, although usually not as disgusting as a mudblood.

Favorite curse/hex/spell (explain why): I'm not too keen on spells that make a bloody mess of a person, so I'd choose the Imperius Curse. It's much more useful than the Cruciatus Curse and although Avada Kedavra has its advantages, with the help of the Imperius Curse you can achieve much more: make people tell their secrets, do things they'd never do on their own will. If you have certain goals in your life, the Imperius Curse will definitely help you. The only thing is not to get caught, of course.

Reasons for becoming a Death Eater: I certainly realise that no Death Eater will ever have such powers as those of the Dark Lord's, but it's still much more than an average wizard ever gets hold of. There are finest magicians among the Death Eaters and you can always learn some useful things from them. The Dark Lord's goals are profitable to a Death Eater even if it wasn't supposed to be so in the first place. The only thing that is required from you is loyalty and there's nothing wrong in being loyal to such a strong leader.

Favorite Death Eater: Severus Snape. Leaving out the question of his loyalty to the Dark Lord, I must say that even if he is a spy he's managed to retrieve very valuable information and help the organisation. The spells invented by him were of great use to the Death Eaters and, I believe, the Dark Lord himself. His attitude and behavious should be a good example of what an efficient Death Eater should be.

Promote this community to at least one other person/community (include the link to the post):
http://www.livejournal.com/users/nielithe/32663.html?thread=158359#t158359 Sadly, you won't be able to understand what I wrote, as it's in Russian. Death Eaters of the world, unite and take over, I say.
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