Queen Mary Belinda (constance_) wrote in sectum__sempra,
Queen Mary Belinda

Unforgivable – Unworthy

Name: Niki / Cecily

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Opinion on muggles and mudbloods: They are a complete disgrace to the whole wizarding community. All of them should be purged from the world, and die in agony. Muggles are a waste of space, completely ignorant of magic, and useless to the Lord. Mudbloods are even worse. How could they even think about being equal to pure blood wizards? I hate that filth even more…

Opinion on squibs: Squibs are also a big disgrace. There is absolutely no point of them…If they can not perform magic, why even bother with further living in the society of magicians? I say, kill them as soon as possible, hence they are a waste of space and time as well.

Favorite curse/hex/spell (explain why): My favorite curse would be Sectumsempra. I am a passionate fencer, and anything that causes “a bloody mess” satisfies me. I believe that killing with Sectumsempra is art.

Reasons for becoming a Death Eater: I would do anything for the Dark Lord, because I believe in his causes and intentions. To become a Death Eater would be a high privilege and I would be honored.

Favorite Death Eater: Well, I must admit, that would be Bellatrix Lestrange, of course. The woman is powerful, loyal and strong. I like her determination and cold heart. She stayed faithful no matter what, and that is the only thing that is essential.

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